The Human Race

• Publisher: Mastertronic
• Developer:
Release Date: 1985
Code: John Ferrari
GFX: Jim Wilson
Music: Rob Hubbard

Our Game Rating: 89%


FILE: humanraceend.zip


> THE HUMAN RACE by Mastertronic

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Back in the eighties, Mastertronic were FANTASTIC! Quality games for only £1.99 - what more could you ask for? I used to spend every penny of my pocket money (£4.00 at that time) on Mastertronic titles. As soon as the money hit my hand (thanks Dad) I darted off to the local game store that was literally the next road from where I lived.

Human Race was one of Mastertronic's quality products that projected pure fun and game play, caringly pulled together by some amazing Hubbard soundtracks. It really is a delight to play - even if it is a challenging game. So I bet you're wondering what the ending is like? ...

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

The end of Level 5...

"Space... the final front ear..."

Off goes the craft...

...into outer space...

The End (",)

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED? Ermm... I ere... used a cheat :) Obviously.

SO WHAT HAPPENS? When you eventually complete the final level, you are transported into space where a spaceship is waiting for you and a message that reads: "YOUR SKILL HAS CARRIED YOU HERE TO THE PRESENT. BUT MAN'S ULTIMATE DESTINY LIES OUT THERE AMONGST THE STARTS WAITING FOR SOMEONE JUST LIKE YOU TO REACH OUT." A quick press of the fire button sends the ship into outer space and beyond, leading into the final end sequence message: "THE END. OR JUST THE BEGINNING....."


  • Vinny: Back in the day, I completed this game by using a cheat because it was a little too hard for me. I was astonished that it had and game ending! This is a cracking little game ending that finishes the storyline off with pure class. And for £1.99, you can't go wrong :) Some great animation, an epilogue and a Hubbard tune to finish it off.
  • Andrew Fisher: For a long time I had never got past the first level. Then I saw a video (accompanying Press Play On Tape playing the awesome Hubbard tune) and I learned how to get further. It is very interesting for a budget game, splicing together different play styles and is a good tribute to the coding skills of the late John Ferrari.

    And it has a very good ending, which is nice to see - worth the effort of evolving from monkey to modern man!
  • Brendan Phoenix: Same here - that first level I always used to try and eat all the banana's - but as it says at the start of the level - just go for the biggest!

    That opening level of tune is an all time fave - awesome in fact and bring back great memories.

    A great Mastertronic game with a great little ending.

FINAL SAY: It was endings like this that got me into Commodore 64 game endings in the first place! (",)

G.E. RATING: 8 / 10

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