• Publisher: M & T
• Developer:
M & T
Release Date: 1993
Robert Hermely
GFX: Siegfried Stegmuller
Music: Vibrants

Our Game Rating: 89%


FILE: hermeticend.zip


> HERMETIC by Markt und Technik

• Completed by Brendan Phoenix
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I'd never heard of this game until Brendan sent in the ending. It's a cool game with some crisp graphics and cracking tunes. The only downside to the game is the playing area: it's far too small! Why on earth did the programmers choose to produce such a cool game and then make the playing area minute? Anyway, does a cool game equate to a cool ending?...

Happy-clappy hands.

Cute little alien.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I think Brendan used a cracked version that allowed him to view the ending right from the start :) That's the version I have too.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once the final level is cleared, the ending sequence kicks in with a cool animated sequence and a great epilogue. This is accompanied by an ending tune. I wont say any more than that as I want you to view the ending itself :)


  • Brendan: A game I have NEVER heard of - but boy what an ending. This is Slick with a capital S - just to the way the wording bounces down and the pics appear and disappear is class. The animation and scrolling in the little pics is ace as well as the game ending tune. The final pic of you waving on a hammock between two palm trees is ace - one leg hanging over! This is simply a great C64 ending.

    A Gold Medal Vinny? This is very close to call in my opinion. For me - a solid 9 - with a strong smell of gold if you think it is worthy?????

    It's a great ending and I like that the end sequence is in keeping with the brilliant introduction as well. Great that they put the same amount of effort into the ending as they did with the intro. Also that it is not such a well known game but has a brilliant ending, as quite a few of the less well known ones have!
  • Vinny: Brendan is so right - this really is a slick ending and probably JUST misses out on a Gold Medal award. It really does have great graphics, animation and music, but it's quite a quick ending. A solid 9 from me too. A great find by Brendan.
  • Kungfufurby: Nice ending! It's got some animation, and the ending storyline seems to reflect the end of a long (or short in this case) battle. I see a CNN logo in the top left corner when the ending starts... interesting choice. It's quite funny that the alien gets hooked on the man taking a vacation, I'll admit... It appears that there's an S missing from congratulations, which means it displays, "Congratulation".
  • Andy Vaisey: Never heard of this game. Was it full price or budget? At full price I would have avoided, but on budget, I may have been tempted. The reason I say that is because, while the graphics are colourful (if not realistic) and the music cheerful (if not particularly suited), the levels seem short in between loads and the movement of the main ship doesn't feel 'right'. At least not to me. Perhaps a little more inertia? As a budget shooter, while not being quite up there with the best of them, it could have provided a couple of hours of entertainment.

    Anyway, the ending is quite nice! Good to see the team actually putting in some effort to produce something more gratifying than a simple congrats type message. Half decent GFX and some tidy tunes equal satisfaction in my book!

FINAL SAY: We are VERY impressed!

G.E. RATING: 9 / 10

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