Happiest Days OYL

• Publisher: Firebird
• Developer:
Release Date: 1986
Code: Unknown

GFX: Stephen Robertson
Music: Unknown

Our Game Rating: 78%


FILE: happiestdaysend.zip


> HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE by Firebird Software

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Happiest Days of your Life by Firebird is a tough arcade / adventure game. It's similar to Everyone's a Wally by Mikro-Gen, in the sense that it's a 2D flip-screen adventure set in a small town, where you have to collect and place certain items in the correct positions in order to progress in the game. You play the part of a schoolboy that has been accused of theft of the headmaster's wallet. The aim of the game is to get some evidence to prove your innocence and return the wallet to the headmaster's study in order to receive a pardon and avoid expulsion from school. There are plenty of screens to explore with lots of items to collect. The graphics and animation are quite basic with a very simple control method and straightforward game play. It's very tough to complete as there are quite a lot of puzzles to solve, but most are pretty logical. I'd only recommend this game to those who have played similar games before and like a long and tricky challenge.

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I followed a Spectrum solution, but found that the C64 version differed slightly. Having been stuck for a long time at a certain point, I poked the item I needed into my inventory. Top quality cheating.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: On collecting the pardon while holding the two other required items, the end sequence is triggered. Colourful shapes bounce around the screen while a message is shown in the centre. The message reads 'WELL DONE. YOU FINISHED THE GAME. I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER GET HERE. YOUR WINNING CODE IS 9197852479HD'. You are also prompted to press a key to restart the game.


  • Neil: Not a great ending. After hours of game play all you get is a few lines of text. Oh no. That's the end of the happiest days of your life...
  • Vinny: Wow! I'm really chuffed to finally see the ending to this game. Back in my youth I spent HOURS trying to complete this; then hours trying to hack it; then years ignoring it. It really was one of those games that I had a bee in my bonnet about, but just couldn't manage to complete it. Finally - the end. 2/10.
  • Andy Vaisey: Well done my arse. Whatever...
  • Andrew Fisher: Oh, that's very disappointing, isn't it? Firebird should write 100 lines, "I must have a better ending".
  • Brendan Phoenix: Good to see the ending of this one, whilst no great shakes it is at least a hard game off the 'to do' list. I wonder what the code was for? Competition?
  • DannieGeeko: I also spent a LOT of time trying to complete this badly-programmed game but half the items you couldn't collect at certain times, even with the Spectrum solution, so it's good to see it's finally been done.
    But, what a disappointment, no end screen! Even a screen of the headmaster forgiving you would have been something!

FINAL SAY: I was expecting it to end like the Spectrum version, but it doesn't.

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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