• Publisher: Melbourne House
• Developer:
Catalyst Coders
Release Date: 1985
GFX: Unknown
Music: Mark Alphingwood

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 46%
Our Game Rating: 61%


FILE: gyroscopeend.zip


> GYROSCOPE by Melbourne House

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Gyroscope is a Marble Madness clone by Melbourne House. I remember the days when everyone loved Marble Madness in the arcades; I remember being blown away by the graphics and loved using the large trackball while the machine guzzled my cash. I expected good things when Gyroscope appeared on the C64, but it was a huge let down. The idea of the game is the same: guide your gyroscope down through the course until you reach the exit at the bottom. The backgrounds are neat, but the sprites are very poor. The music is as irritating as the game play, and once you reach the difficult later levels you will soon be reaching for the reset switch. The game is also littered with bugs and dodgy sprite detection. I had to rely on a fixed version to enable me to beat it...

The final level is complete!

The End!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used a few cheats which disabled sprite detection and fixed the major bug that prevented the game from passing a certain level.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Blink and you'll miss this one. And I literally do mean that. Once the final level is beaten, a short message scrolls up the screen in what seems less than one second. The message reads 'CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING GYROSCOPE! NOW YOU CAN TRY AGAIN HA! HA!'


  • Neil: A rubbish game with an ending that is even worse than expected. Another shocker.
  • Vinny: Never liked the game and totally HATE the ending. Rubbish, rubbish, RUBBISH! 0.5/10.
  • Brendan Phoenix: What the hell is that Ha Ha all about at the end? Just sticks of a lack of imagination, what else can I type at the end of the congratulations message, I know 'Ha Ha'. Pathetic - certainly no laughing matter! Ha Ha.
  • Andrew Fisher: Never played it, never want to play it if that is the quality of the ending...
  • Gaz Spence: That ending is evil - the sort of one that would make you hurl your joystick against the wall and then send in a compensation claim to Melbourne House.

FINAL SAY: One of the shortest and lamest endings ever.

G.E. RATING: 0.5 / 10

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