The Golden Pyramids

• Publisher: 64'er
• Developer:
Release Date: 1992
Harold Klink
GFX: Martijn Althuizen
Music: Harry van Kessel

Our Game Rating: 89%



FILE: goldenpyramidsend.zip



• Completed & Reviewed by Brendan Phoenix
Additional comments by Vinny Mainolfi

The word Golden in the title of this game may never be more apt as this game ending receives a GOLD MEDAL award (10/10). I bet most of you have never played or even heard of this game, but that doesn't make it any lesser a challenge. It's a cool game to play and a top notch ending to watch...

The start of the end...

Nice picture :)

The epilogue begins...





...and ends.

A parallax scrolling part!


"Run the credits!"

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used a trainer to see the end straight away and what an end it is!

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Atmospheric static pic of you on your camel next to a pyramid - nice scrolling message ending the story and a stunning piece of music to accompany all of this.

But wait - that's not all - we then get ANOTHER great piece of different music with a great scrolling pic of you in your car pulling all your gold. Great parallax scrolling with the clouds and pyramids in the background and we get some great arcade=esque scrolling credits.


  • Brendan: I was blown away when I first saw it. That 2nd piece of music seems to go on forever (no bad thing) and both pieces are proper atmospheric. The parallax scrolling is very nice, just a great ending. When you see some of the rush job endings on some of the major titles or by the major publishers, then you come across a little known gem like this - you think why couldn't the rest bother. Having said that, trawling through the rubbish to come across the odd gem, makes it all worthwhile. The Golden Pyramids is a Golden ending for me Vinny (how cheesy is that but it HAD to be used!)

  • Vinny: WOW! This really is a fantastic ending! It's got it all: 2 pieces of ending music, an epilogue, animation, parallax graphics all wrapped up in a cute little package. I seriously love the first ending tune with that thumping beat. Definitely a Gold Medal winner :)

  • Andrew Fisher: Wow, I'd better check out the game now, that ending is brilliant!

  • Matthew Rogers: Finally!! I thought all the best endings were already up on the site, but this gives me hope!  Everything about it is great - the first part reminds a bit of Ninja 3, visually/sonically, and the second part with those pyramids - Falcon Patrol! Ha ha. A worthy 10/10 indeed...Now to play the game...

  • Andy Vaisey: Aye, 'tis a good un!

FINAL SAY: GM all the way in my opinion ("and mine!" - Vinny).

G.E. RATING: 10 / 10

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