GOGO the Ghost

• Publisher: Firebird
• Developer:
Release Date: 1984
Code: Marcus Charleville
GFX: Marcus Charleville
Music: Marcus Charleville

Our Game Rating: 75%


FILE: gogotheghostend.zip


> GOGO THE GHOST by Firebird

Completed by Fiery Phoenix
• Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Back in the early 80s, Firebird software shared a large chunk of the budget software market along side Mastertronic. With top-notch titles retailing for a mere £1.99, Firebird software had the gaming public on their side - who wouldn't be when they were releasing great titles such as Thrust, Raging Beast, Chicken Chase and Microrhythm - to name but a few.

Gogo the Ghost was one of Firebird's early releases - 1984 was still early days for the gaming industry - but it still managed to capture the hearts of the C64 community and secured it's place in gaming history.

Twenty three years on, the game certainly shows it's age, but still retains an element of innocence and charm. So during those twenty three years, did anyone manage to complete the game? ...

Plenty of love hearts to go around. The end.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED? Hmmmm ... it looks like Fiery Phoenix cheated all the way to the end and made full-use of an infinite time and power cheat. The cheating swine!

SO WHAT HAPPENS? Once the final level is complete, Gogo finally appears at the top of the castle and is shrouded in flying love hearts, and the final ending message reads, "CONGRATULATIONS. YOU'VE MANAGED TO GET TO THE CASTLE TOP. YOUR RANK IS GOGO MASTER".


  • Vinny: I was pleasantly surprised to see that an early budget gaming title could possess such a cute ending - or an ending at all for that matter! It's nice to see the game coming to a satisfactory end; though an ending tune wouldn't have gone a miss.

FINAL SAY:  Impressive for it's time and price-tag (",)

G.E. RATING: 5 / 10

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