• Publisher: Electric Dreams
• Developer:
Software Studio
Release Date: 1987
The Ramjam Corp.
GFX: The Ramjam Corp.
Music: n/a

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 13%
Our Game Rating: 13%


FILE: explorerend.zip


> EXPLORER by Electric Dreams

• Completed by Joonas Lindberg
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Now here's a spooky coincidence...  I had been reading issue 24 of ZZAP! 64 magazine and stumbled upon the review for Explorer by Electric Dreams, which ripped the game apart and only gave it an overall score of 13% - unlucky for some. I'd never heard of the game before the review, but I was going to make a point of checking it out. Anyway - the very next day I received an email from Joonas with the ending to this game! Not only do I get to see the game for the first time, but I also got to see the ending at the same time. Needless to say that the game is total pants and so is the ending.

If you're wondering what the game is all about, just think of what a game would be like if it was titled: "Find the needle in a haystack!" The game boasts 40 billion mapable locations, but ZZAP! 64 reckon it's 40 billion of the same screen over and over and over...

Oooo... I think I can see it...

...let me look a little closer...

The End!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Joonas tried playing through, but the decided to hack the ending. Good man :-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you find the 'needle' the ending message appears: "WOW, YOU DID IT!"


  • Vinny: The ending message is quite patronising really because it kind of implies that you were never, ever going to finish the game in the first place - which may be the case. It was thanks to Joonas hacking the ending that we actually get to see it. A total pile of pants ending.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Electric Dreams really did release some shite around this time. Looks like the same messy graphics Howard the Duck had - must be the same coder.

    Awful game. Awful ending.
  • Andrew Fisher: The "messy" graphics is the result of using hi-res mode, leading to Spectrum-style colour clash and the chunky pixels when "zooming in".

    I still don't understand what this game is all about and what is actually happening in that ending. The ZZAP! slating was enough to put me off.
  • Gaz Spence: Deservedly slated by the Commie and Speccy press, this game - and I use the term loosely - brings futility to a whole new level. What were they thinking? And the ending? Evil!
  • Andy Vaisey: The graphics look horrible. In fact, look quickly, you'd swear they were glitched and bugged because of a dodgy load. And if I actually had ever played this game back in the day and spent a million years searching a billion locations, upon getting that ending I'd want to punch the coder. In the face. Hard. Twice.


G.E. RATING: 0.5 / 10

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