Dr Jackle & Mr Wide

• Publisher: Mastertronic
• Developer:
Release Date: 1987
Code: Jim Baguley

GFX: Unknown
Music: n/a

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 29%
Our Game Rating: 45%



> DR. JACKLE & MR. WIDE by Mastertronic

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Dr Jackle & Mr Wide is a platform/puzzle game by Mastertronic. I remember playing this as a kid on my Amstrad CPC464. I had no idea what I had to do in the game so I gave up on it quite quickly. Having played it again years later, I wish I hadn't bothered...

The aim of the game is to navigate the sewers and find your way to the secret lab that holds an antidote to your schizophrenic troubles. You do this by collecting certain objects that allow you to progress through each sewer, and avoiding the creatures within that drain your energy. All the sewers look the same, so it's quite confusing.

It's a poor game with simple puzzles, terrible graphics and horrible controls. The game could have been far better if the levels were planned a bit better and the main character's jumping ability wasn't so strange. The game just looks like a port from the Spectrum, so it seems as though they couldn't be bothered to jazz it up for the C64.

Nearly there...

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Using an infinite time cheat. The infinite energy cheat didn't seem to work.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have navigated the final sewer and found the doorway to the lab, you exit the level by taking the staircase. A screen full of text pops up which congratulates you on completing the game and turning back into Dr Jackle (or Jackyll as it is displayed). You are told to look out for the sequel, and the programmer hopes that you enjoyed solving the puzzles in the game. The game then ends.


  • Neil: This confusing little game is finally cracked, and it wasn't really worth the effort for such a poor ending. 2/10.
  • Vinny: Back in the day, Mastertronic generally released acceptable budget titles for our beloved Commodore 64. But once in a while, they would let one slip through the net and onto the shelves of our computer game shops. Unfortunately, this game is one of those duds! Dr. Jackle & Mr. Wide is a confused game; it doesn't know if it's a platformer or puzzler, and it's really just a flat Speccy port! Shame on them! I really struggled to play this game and I'm glad I'm not the only one. It really is dire and unfortunately it follows through to the game ending, which is a basic text epilogue - and a short one at that! 1/10 from me!
  • Andrew Fisher: I wonder, what happened to the sequel?

    The sort of cheap rubbish that dominated the budget shelves, crowding out better titles. And a very poor ending.
  • Andy Vaisey: I remember the ZZAP! review and avoided this trash as a result.

    I think I've mentioned before on this site that there is nothing worse than a text ending that is also in the standard C64 ROM 'font'. And this game commits this sin. Lowest of the low...
  • Brendan Phoenix: I remember the Zzap! review too and avoided it

    My biggest gripe - those endings that set up a second game. Grrr

    Avoid all round here

FINAL SAY: Terrible. From start to finish.

G.E. RATING: 1.5 / 10

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