Defuzion 3

• Publisher: N/A
• Developer:
Release Date: 2001
Richard Bayliss
GFX: Richard Bayliss
Richard Bayliss

Our Game Rating: 51%


FILE: defuzion3end.zip

> DEFUZION 3 by The New Dimension(TND)

• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Richard Bayliss can be so unpredictable with his games: one minute he is producing a top quality product such as Sub Hunter, and then the next minute he is wasting time on a poorly produced SEUCK game. I say stick to the Sub Hunters and get some real quality out there :) Anyway, this game really isn't anything to email home about, though the presentation and music is kind of cool for a homebrew game. So is the ending any good?...

RAVE! The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I used a cracked version that allowed me to use the Commodore Key to skip through each level until I got to the end.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once the final level is complete, the screen flicks to a flashing epilogue (see above screenshot for the text). This is accompanied by an ending tune.


  • Vinny: Okay, positives first: the ending tune is great! It's really bouncy and reminds me of a Mayhem in Monsterland tune. Now for some negatives: the flashing text is going to make me fit; the font is virtually illegible; and finally, there is so much missing for this to be a great ending.

  • Brendan Phoenix: Least it has some form of epilogue and the tune is good - but nothing to bring it above average - hence reflected in the 4/10.

  • Andrew Fisher: 4 seems a bit generous, just for a nice tune... let's hope Richard can keep up the good work and release some more quality games.

  • Andy Vaisey: Well, I'm not a fan or Richard's music, so 4/10 seems too high for me. Perhaps 2/10, just for bothering.

FINAL SAY: It only scores high because of the nice tune.

G.E. RATING: 4 / 10

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