Dark Force

• Publisher: TND Games
• Developer:
TND Games
Release Date: 2014
Code: Richard Bayliss,
...Alf Yngve

GFX: Richard Bayliss,
...Alf Yngve, Johan Janssen

Music: Richard Bayliss

ZZAP64 Game Rating: n/a
Our Game Rating: 86%





• Completed & Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Dark Force by TND Games is a tribute to FTL's shoot-em-up 'Lightforce' - can you see the connection?

In the game you play the proud pilot of the Dark Force, the fittest hunk of junk in the entire galaxy. Your mission is to fly through 3 sectors, and destroy all 20 generators which control the power of the laser. The Cygons and their Allies will be out to stop you no matter how tough or weak you really are. Every 6 generators destroyed will award you an extra life.

It's a nicely constructed progression from the original game that has some clean and crisp graphics from Alf Yngve, and some thumping sonix from Richard Bayliss - always a great combination. With it's obvious SEUCK design, does this mean that the game is going to have a simple, flat game ending...

The BAD ending...

Our ship comes to the end of the tunnel...

...and meets up with the final boss!


Oh shit! The End.

The GOOD ending...

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I obtained the endings two ways:

  • First I played through the game with the sprite collision off and got to see the BAD ending; at which point I realised that there were two endings, and so...
  • I hacked the GOOD ending by freezing the game using an Action Replay Cart, going to MONITOR, and adding $14 to $6769, and then G $9A00 (jumps to location $9A00, which is also the location for the BAD ending).

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: If you get to kill the final boss, but you've missed destroying all the generators, then you get the BAD ending. If you've destroyed all the generators and also the final boss, then you'll get the GOOD ending. Both consist of a quick explosion effect, static screens with short epilogues, and specific Bayliss ending tunes.


  • Vinny: It's a nice game and a strong tribute, which back in the eighties would have made a great budget title... but unfortunately the ending is abrupt and short. The only saving grace are the two tunes used for each of the ending. 3/10 from me.
  • Andrew Fisher: Dark Force is a good vertically scrolling shoot 'em up, created in SEUCK and then enhanced with clever touches. This includes something very unusual on the C64 - alternative endings, based on what you do in the game. For me that makes it pretty unique, as it features different ending tunes and explanatory text. However, it would have been nice to have a little extra in the way of graphical effects to really spice it up. 5/10.
  • Frank Gasking: That's a pretty good varied ending for a SEUCK game! First time i've seen a good/bad ending in a SEUCK :)
  • Gaz Spence: A game that passed me by and I think the C64 back catalogue is somewhat saturated by SEUCK / enhanced SEUCK games. That being said, Dark Force is quite a slick effort and the ending whilst simple has the benefit of a good / bad variation. Probably worth a 4 IMHO.
  • Andy Vaisey: ...Kudos to the creators for a good/bad ending and some other features to lift it slightly.

FINAL SAY: Flat and disappointing :-(

G.E. RATING: 4 / 10

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