Dan Dare

• Publisher: Virgin Games
• Developer:
Gang of Five
Release Date: 1986
Code: Andy Wilson
GFX: Ian Mathias
Music: Graham Marsh

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 94%
Our Game Rating: 89%


FILE: dandareend.zip


> DAN DARE: Pilot of the Future by Virgin Games

Completed by Matt Rogers
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

I used to love reading the EAGLE comic back in the 80s when it was re-released. Dan Dare was a hero of mine and so I was excited to see him appear on the good old 64.

I was delighted to see that the game was quite cool and certainly hit the spot. Unfortunately I never saw the end until a few months back when Matt Rogers kindly sent it in ...

Our hero finally escapes the planet.

Sign your name a bugga oof. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Matt completed this one with out any cheats - there's a first! ;-)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Well, once you have defeated the Mekon, you are given a 2-minute warning to escape the planet.

Once you walk off the final screen you get to see a miniature picture of your ship flying away and the words, "DAN AND CHUMS FLY OFF IN THE ANASTASIA ..."

The screen then switches to the HIGH-SCORE ENTRY SCREEN where you get to add your name to the list - yawn.


  • Vinny: To be totally honest, you'd kind of expect a little more of a story-board ending to this game - it's a comic strip character for flip sake! You'd expect the programmer to have produced more of a comic book style ending :-( A one-screen ending doesn't really do it for me.

    The really sad thing about this is that the ZX Spectrum ending is so much better than the C64 version! It even has animation and digitized speech!
  • Matt: I only discovered 68% of the map - dunno what happens if you finish it AND get 100%!
  • Andrew Fisher: It's a shame about the C64 ending, but after talking to the programmer for my Retro Gamer article, the project was taking a long while so he may not have had room or time for a decent ending. Bear in mind the Spectrum game is a much simpler design (although a fairly big map, it is split into sections).
  • Brendan Phoenix: The Speccy ending really does kick it's C64 counterparts arse!

FINAL SAY : MATT: Seriously depressing ending when you compare it to the Speccy version :-(

G.E. RATING: 3 / 10

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