• Publisher: Hewson
• Developer:
Release Date: 1988
Nick Jones
GFX: Hugh Binns
Music: Jeroen Tel

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 93%
Our Game Rating: 93%


FILE: cybernoidend.zip


> CYBERNOID: The Fighting Machine by Hewson

• Completed by Brendan Phoenix
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Now here's a seriously cool Commodore 64 game that ROCKED back in 1988. With its superb graphics, luscious sonix, and infectious game play, Cybernoid managed to achieve an overall score of 93% from ZZAP!64 magazine - and it's a score that was well deserved. The game is still fun to play today, but is it worth playing to the bitter end...

The final screen and level is upon us...

...with the closing titles only moments away!

Phah! The End!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I think I can confidently say that Brendan cheated his way to the end on this one ;)

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Nothing much :( Just the standard end of level message.


  • Brendan: It's not a proper ending - the last level has exactly the same ending message as the previous 2 levels - there is no sense of completion, no new end game tune, no message finalising the story / mission. You may as well have completed the levels in any order given than the message is the same at the end of each one.

    For me a big fat zero - least with some of the games awarded 1/10 on the site - they do actually have an ending of sorts. Just another lame Hewson ending - there must be at least one average one out there from them.

  • Vinny: I am stunned; utterly shocked even! How on earth can such a superb game has such a dowdy ending?! Nick Jones has produced some seriously cool Commodore 64 games in his time and so we know he is capable of programming greatness, and so I am confused why this game doesn't have an ending. Did he run out of C64 memory? Was he up against a tight deadline? Who knows...

    On a side note... do you think the person who produced the graphics for this game is actually fictitious? Hugh Binns = big glasses!

  • Andrew Fisher: Best I've ever done without cheating is to get to the third level, so anyone who got to the end of this is a damn good player...

    ...and they would have been thoroughly disappointed by the simple text message. I'm guessing Cybernoid 2 is the same.

  • Kungfufurby: This game is just like Action Biker... the ending has almost nothing to offer. Actually, Action Biker may have had a unique piece of music to offer... unless that was already played before the player won the game.

FINAL SAY: Some would argue that this game doesn't actually have an ending...

G.E. RATING: 0 / 10

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