Bruce Lee

• Publisher: Datasoft
Release Date: 1984
Code: Ron Fortier
• GFX: Kelly Day
• Music: John Fitzpatrick

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 92%
Our Game Rating: 93%

This ending was awarded 'Game Ending of the Week': 14/07/08





> BRUCE LEE by Datasoft

• Completed by Frank Gasking
• Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Way back in 1984 my brother and I spent an age trying to complete this game and finally, after a few hours of pulling our hair out, we managed to get to the end.

Thanks to Frank Gasking, we can all relive the Bruce Lee game ending without having to do much apart from legit to the right of the screen! Frank was kind enough to freeze the game ending at the point when Bruce meets the game ending Boss. So what do we think of the ending? ...

Make a dash for the switch on the right of the screen.
"Check out that score! COOL (",)"

Make a dash for the switch on the right of the screen.
"Check out that score! COOL (",)"

Finally, Bruce hits the switch and the Boss starts to die.

HOORAY! The Boss is dead (",)

Bruce runs on to the next screen to find a whole load of goodies!
And then resumes the Bruce Lee poise.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Frank complete this using an infinite falls cheat, but we know it's easily beaten without the aid of cheats. (I have since created a crazy hack for Bruce Lee that adds another 33 in-game features, which includes jumping straight to the game ending. Download it from HERE).

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once Bruce flicks the last switch, the demon boss burns away, leaving Bruce to enter the roll full of jewels. Bruce is so happy that he has completed his quest and found the room full of sparkling jewels that he jumps for joy.


  • Vinny: As small as this game is - I think it's about 30 screens - the game ending certainly does it justice. It's a cracking little ending that certainly makes playing through the game worth all the effort.

  • Matt Rogers: An ending like that for most games wouldn't warrant an 8 but Brucie is one of those exceptions. A great game, and you certainly do feel satisfied after 20 mins of top-drawer platform action.
  • Inge Pedersen: One of my all favourites. Ah... they just don't make'em like this anymore...
  • Neil Collins: Brilliant game. Great level design. Difficulty was just right. A true classic. Still great fun to play now.
  • Martin Pugh: Loved the game as the balance was perfect. Like Impossible Mission I could finish it virtually every time I played it without cheats (well apart from the well known Bruce Lee lives bonus).
  • Andrew Fisher: The version I had (on the Summer Gold compilation) was bugged, and I always got stuck one screen before the end But I completed it last year after downloading the Remember hack - without cheating, I might add.
  • Frank Gasking: I think I remember completing this game really easily, and without a cheat ... I used to love getting a second player to control the green dude and get them to knock the black ninja out of the way to help me progress through. Really nice game from that era. Zorro was quite good too, but a bit of a pig to solve some of the puzzles.
  • Brendan Phoenix: Got the original game somewhere. Really is a classic game, as Kobayashi said above, if any other game ended like this it would be a disappointment, but with Bruce Lee it just feels natural. Great spot FX, level design, sprites, etc - fantastic game. Would say the score is deserved even without an ending tune or epilogue as it fits the game so well and draws the game to a nice conclusion.

FINAL SAY: Download it RIGHT NOW and imprint it on your retro mind.

G.E. RATING: 8 / 10

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