Blue Max

• Publisher: Synsoft
• Developer:
Release Date: 1983
Code: Peter Adams

GFX: Unknown
Music: Stephen C. Biggs

Our Game Rating: 88%




> BLUE MAX by Synsoft

• Completed by Frank Gasking
Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Now this game certainly takes me back to the golden age of home computer gaming: a time when ideas and originality really were the order of the day. My brother and I spent hours playing this delightful window into a world of wartime arcade action, and I can almost remember that we played it for the shear fun of it with no aspirations of becoming a master wartime pilot. We never envisaged an ending to be waiting for us and the rank of Blue Max ready to crown our young and innocent heads...

Fly carefully though these government buildings...

...until you get to the final target.

Target eliminated. Coming in to land.

Successfully reached the status of Blue Max. The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Frank used a cheat!

In addition, I've produced a crazy hack for this game that gives you the option of using 41 extra in-game key press features. The crazy hack is available to download from: HERE.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: The aeroplane plans; Rule Britannia plays; and the words 'BLUE MAX' appear on the screen.


  • Vinny: It's an ending, and it's a cacky ending :( Frank is correct: there is a large building to bomb and also a clear path between a series of large buildings. I was amazed when I first saw it as I thought the game just looped round and round. A great find from Frank and the end of a very long saga.
  • Frank: I love Blue Max! an all-time favourite!.... I had a conversation with Vinny just before Fusion 08 and told him about there being an ending where there was a hi-res building to bomb. He didn't believe me, so here it is to prove it, and without using any cheats.. :-).. Getting to it seems to be slightly random, but it appears that if you hit enough buildings and ones with a blue target in particular across a couple of levels, you get onto the final stage where you go down a clear path in-between a series of large buildings. Get to the end and you have to bomb a few buildings before you are allowed to land and complete the game. And for the purpose of getting the ending this time, I did cheat!! ;-) ... However, I have completed it a few times without one I promise! ;-)

    The ending itself is quite crap... with just the ditty playing again and a little message to say what ranking you achieved. But at least it does have an ending! I'd probably give it a 0.5 / 10, but the game a lot higher (it's good fun, and better than the crappy futuristic sequel).
  • Inge Pedersen: I loved to play this back in the mid-eighties, but as it seemed to go on forever, I never thought it had an ending. I'll give it 1/10 just for the game being cool.
  • Andrew Fisher: Never got to the end myself. Can't really expect much more than that for the time, when a lot of games just looped endlessly.

FINAL SAY: #Poo, poo, electric poo, what's the colour of my stool, where I live? ...Poo-poo#

G.E. RATING: 0.5 / 10

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