• Publisher: Ocean
• Developer:
Special FX
Release Date: 1988
Code: Zach Townsend

GFX: Zach Townsend
Music: Fred Gray

ZZAP64 Game Rating: 92%


FILE: batmancapedcrusaderend.zip



• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

The Caped Crusader by Ocean is a 2D action RPG game. I used to play this a lot on the Amiga, and completed the first part. There are two parts to it, the first 'A bird in the hand' and the second 'A fete worse than death'. The C64 version is pretty good too - the sprites are large, the backgrounds are well drawn and there's a big map to explore with a lot of puzzles to solve. The aim of part one is to shut down the Penguin's computer and the aim of part two is to rescue Robin. You can fight enemies with your fists and feet or use Batman's boomerang. The puzzles are pretty logical and are unlikely to baffle you, so the main aim is to keep yourself alive long enough to beat the game. Food is scattered around the place that you can use to replace lost energy. The music in the game is also very good, but does get on your nerves after playing for a long time. Overall it's a top C64 title. It's two good games in one - a bargain!

Batman places the disc into the computer...

The End!

Batman finds Robin

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: Using an infinite energy cheat.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Both parts end in a similar way. Once you reach the Penguin's computer in part one and insert the disk, the game is won. The batman logo strobes in various colours on the screen before a short message appears. The words 'COMPUTER STOPPED' appear, and your final score is shown as a percentage. You can increase this score by finding and using all the objects in the game - but it has no effect on the ending. The ending to part two is exactly the same apart from the message, which reads 'YOU HAVE RESCUED ROBIN'.


  • Neil: Two simple messages after all that playing. It was enjoyable to play, but the endings are garbage.

  • Vinny: I know that everyone seemed to rave about this game - especially ZZAP!64 - but I just wasn't into this type of game and so I didn't spend any time playing it. Shame about the bad endings because I was expecting something special - an ending sequence of some type...

    On a side note... the loading screen is GORGEOUS!

  • Andy Vaisey: Decent game play, excellent GFX with fantastic comic book panel effect and, I agree, gorgeous loading screen. Just not quite my cup of tea I'm afraid. Contrast all that with a really poor ending. Shame.

  • Frank Gasking: Disappointed with it :-( ... I used to love the game a heck of a lot, and wish they could have done something a lot better. Especially after those bloody penguins on part 1!!!

  • Andrew Fisher: It's still one of my favourite Batman games, if only because it emphasises the BRAIN of the character as much as the brawn... very disappointing ending(s), never got that far even when I used the maps printed in ZZAP!

  • Brendan Phoenix: Awful endings. One of the worst I have seen on the site in a while and I think 2/10 is on the generous side. A nice comic strip ending would have been nice. Just some nice static screens. Disappointing as this was a good break from Ocean's usual licence tie in games.

  • Gaz Spence: A game with its fans, but personally I think it's just too frenetic to work as an arcade adventure. In the context of the game, the ending is a MASSIVE let down. The great comic book presentation disappears and you're left feeling cheated, badstyle.

FINAL SAY: Oh dear. That's not very good is it?

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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