Bad Blood

• Publisher: Origin Systems
• Developer:
Origin Systems
Release Date: 1993
Paul C. Isaac, Alex
..Brown, Alan W. Gardner
GFX: Jeff Dee, Glen Johnson, ..Phillip Mellor, Keith Berdak, ..Amanda Dee
Music: Jeroen Tel



FILE: badbloodend.zip


> BAD BLOOD by Origin Systems

• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

Bad Blood by Origin is a game that I really wanted as a kid after seeing the adverts and screenshots in computer magazines. Sadly, I never got to own it, but years later I've now played it through to completion. There's a huge post-apocalyptic world to explore with many weird creatures, weapons and locations to see. You quest will send you to every corner of the wastelands to try and work out how to prevent the war that Lord Dominix wants to start. The game is played from an aerial perspective, with large sprites which aren't too pretty but do the job well enough. It sometimes plays a little slow and clumsy but as it's quite a deep RPG, it doesn't really spoil the game play. As with all Origin titles the game will take you a long time to beat so it's great value. It's not the greatest C64 RPG, but I enjoyed it enough to recommend fans of this genre to check it out. I found it a bit of a change from the Ultima / Bard's Tale games that I love.

The ending is beginning...

Rambo is placed in prison...

...but the Vietnamese finally decide to let him go.

The town folk decide to hold a rock concert...

...and invite Bruce Springstein.

But Rambo is having none of it and stabs Bruce in the hand.

All of a sudden - Charlotte Church appears!

And decides to sing!

# Laaaaaa-la-la-laaaaa#

The Marvel Heroes are at the concert and start to throw rotten veg!

The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I found solutions online for other platforms. They helped a lot, but it took some time to crack the C64 version which varied quite a bit.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: The end of the game leads you to finding Captain Equitus, who is being held captive in a cell underground. A scene follows which shows Equitus addressing the townsfolk from a balcony about the plot by Dominix to start a war. He slashes the villain and exposes his treachery to the people of Yvrium. Lady Cassia is shown as she addresses the people of her city about the evil plot and of her son's imprisonment by Dominix. The humans and mutants rejoice and welcome each other as friends. You are then presented to the crowd as the hero who has prevented the war and foiled the evil plot. In the following years you work as leader of a council that preserves peace and finally become lord of a united human and mutant city. Well done ! The game is complete. 


  • Neil: A lot of great pictures and dialogue to end this excellent game. There's not a lot of animation, but it all looks and sounds great - concluding this epic tale in style. Definitely one of the better endings out there. Another class product from Origin. Check this one out guys! 8/10.

  • Vinny: Okay - so I've never played this game. Why? Because it's an RPG and I have NEVER been into that specific genre. But then again, I don't need to play the game to appreciate how fantastic this game ending is. When I first started to watch the ending I thought that it was worthy of an 8, but then I watched a little more and thought I'd give it a 9. Once I had reached the end of the ending (!) there wasn't any doubt about giving this 10/10 - Gold Medal. I love the graphics, the gentle animation, the atmospheric sonix, and finally the great epilogue. What an absolutely lovely ending :-)

  • Brendan Phoenix: Defo of the same opinion, watched it a few times, little or no animation, but you have to give the coders hats off to the ending. This has had proper love and craft invested in it! When we just see the usual one line of congratulations with no imagination, to be presented with something like this makes it worth all the wait.

    I would agree with the GM award, the music is nice, the pictures good, but it's the epilogue that really makes this a stand out. A full, detailed, descriptive ending. How chuffed would you be if you completed this and saw this ending in front of you?

    I wonder what did happen once you informed Origin of your feat? A free t-shirt me thinks!

    Maybe it should not be a Gold Medal, but rather The Star of Xantinium!

  • Andy Vaisey: A cracker! Lovely little story, decent GFX and nice enough tunes (that do jump a bit unfortunately).

    If this deserves a gold medal, so does Armalyte then?

  • Kungfufurby: This beats the Bard's Tale, that's for sure. Considering it has unique pictures, and unique ending tunes if I remember correctly.

    What a nice ending... reminds me of those SFC RPGs with these type of endings. It's actually one of the longest endings that the C64 has ever gotten.

    Bad Blood gets a Good Golden Metal. Congratulations! ^_^

  • Gaz Spence: Some great pixel art in this slick epilogue. The conversion, from the PC original, was about the best it could be and it is good to see that the programming team didn't cut any corners with the ending.

  • Andrew Fisher: I can't say I'm familiar with the game itself, but that is an impressive ending. Oh, and I love Vinny's captions for the screenshots!

FINAL SAY: Really good ending with very well drawn comic book style pictures.

G.E. RATING: 10 / 10

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