All Terrain Gardner

• Publisher: Not published
• Developer:
Release Date: 1989
Code: David Korn (Ubik)

GFX: Paul Docherty (DOKK)
Music: Tonal Teapot

Our Game Rating: 89%


FILE: atgend.zip



• Completed & Reviewed by Neil Collins

All Terrain Gardener is a decent little platform game by Firebird ("It wasn't actually published as Firebird decided to call it a day with the 8-bit market" - Vinny). It's a simple little game, that's easy to play but tricky to beat. The aim of the game is to guide the gardener around eight worlds, collecting up as many plants as possible before the water level gets too high and drowns them. If you don't save enough of the plants you will lose a life. There are nasty bugs and plants to avoid and of course you need to try and avoid staying under the water too long. The graphics, by the great Paul Docherty (DOKK), are well drawn in a cartoon style with decent animation. There's not a lot of variety to the game, but it's fun to play and is quite tough to complete the later levels. It's definitely worth checking this one out.

Yer man has finally complete his mission.

Off he jumps into the abyss.


The End.

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED?: I saved my progress as I worked my way through the levels.

SO WHAT HAPPENS?: Once you have gathered up the plants on the final level, the gardener leaps into the bucket and the plug is pulled out of the ground. The water drains from the level and the game is complete. The gardener leaps down the plug hole and a message appears on the screen which reads 'YOU HAVE SAVED ALL EIGHT GARDEN WORLDS. CONGRATULATIONS, MEGA-GARDENER!'


  • Neil: Very little to shout about. An anti-climax to a decent little platform game. The end should have been far better on this one.

  • Vinny: My first experience of this game was back in 2000 when Commodore Zone magazine released it on their cover disk to accompany their Dave Korn interview. I'm a big fan of Dave's work and so I was curious as to what this game was all about.

    As Neil said, it's a decent little game and I do wonder how popular it would have been if it was released into the budget market. I presume it would have sold THOUSANDS! :)

    As for the ending... I'm not impressed at all.

  • Brendan Phoenix: If this ending was to be compared to items found in a garden - it would be weeds or manure. Pooh.

  • Andrew Fisher: The plug-pulling effect is really nice, but it's a shame that there's only a text screen at the end of the game.

  • Andy Vaisey: Great... after seeing this thread I'm going to have the Ubik's music demo tunes running through my head all evening...

    The ending? Hmmmm.... Hmmmmm.... Zzzzzz...

  • Frank Gasking: This was such a great surprise when Kenz secured this for Commodore Zone - just around the time I was really starting up with GTW. Ubik had this game mentioned in an issue of Commodore Format for a "Where are they now" type feature, and then many years later Kenz asked Ubika bout the game who then proceeded to dig it out for the magazine.

    Overall a great game, and a huge shame it never quite made it out (Firebird and Codemasters both could have released it). The ending is typical of a budget title, nothing too special - but probably due to memory running out.

FINAL SAY: Not very impressed with this one.

G.E. RATING: 2 / 10

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