Action Biker

• Publisher: Mastertronic
• Developer:
Release Date: 1985
Code: Unknown
Music: Rob Hubbard

Our Game Rating: 91%





> ACTION BIKER by Mastertronic

Completed by Matt Rogers
• Reviewed by Vinny Mainolfi

Way back in 1985, Mastertronic ruled the budget games roost and seemed to be able to release top C64 titles for the measly sum of £1.99. Action Biker, featuring Skip Crisp's, Clumsy Colin, was one of those gems that gave you value for money.

Many a day was spent trying to collect all of the items (40 in total) to find out if there was a bucket load of Skip's Crisps at the end of the rainbow. It took me a while to complete the game, but in 1985 I managed to impress all my school mates by announcing the fact that I had reached the end! None of them believed me - especially when they heard what I had to say about the ending itself!!

Anyway, 20 years on and C64endings Team Member, Matt Rogers has decided to knock this one on the head just one more time ...

Line yourself up and wait for the red light to turn green.

WHOOOSH! You're off!

... you hit the finishing post on time and then it's The End!!

HOW WAS IT COMPLETED? Well, Matt didn't actually tell us how he completed it, but if you download the ending and have a little play, you will find that Matt has been using EVERY possible cheat imaginable - you can even ride through walls!!

I have since created a crazy hack for this game that has 36 extra in-game features; one of them being the game ending. You can download the crazy hack from the link area above.

SO WHAT HAPPENS? After collecting all 40 items, you have to get Colin and his bike over to the race track; this is signified by the message, "RACE STARTS ON GREEN LIGHT. PLEASE MOVE BEHIND THE STARTING GATE." Once the red turns green, you have to pelt it down the track to the finishing line. The game is over.


  • Vinny: As you can see, NOTHING happens!! The game just ends as usual, without some kind of game ending achievement! I remember completing this back in the 80s and thinking that I had done something wrong and that I had missed an item or failed to complete the 'race' in the set time.

    This truly it a pile of cack and I really don't get it when you are told to participate in a race when the only person in the race is YOU! What kind of race is that?!

    Where's the Rob Hubbard game ending tune?!?! What happened to this wonderful game?! (".)

FINAL SAY:  I LOVE this game, but the ending is an absolute pile of shite!! (".)

G.E. RATING: 0 / 10

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