Vinny Mainolfi
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He is the BIGGEST C64 cheat that EVER lived!

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Frank Gasking
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He once had sex with a Commodore 64 and it changed his life completely!

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Matthew Rogers
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Matthew used to be Prince of Mongolia before he became Prince of the C64 Game Endings :-)

Brendan Phoenix
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Brendan, AKA Fiery Phoenix, is a fine c64 game ending contributor who's renowned for brushing his teeth with a toilet brush and Tesco's super saver bleach. Nice.

Neil Collins
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If there was ever a man who was born to complete Commodore 64 games, then it would be Neil. For lunch, Neil eats 16 sausage rolls, 82 Oreo biscuits and as many Commodore 64 games as he can fit in.


If you have any game endings or relevant questions/information regarding the current game endings on this site, then please do not hesitate to email them to the C64endings Web Master


> FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (UPDATE ON: 02/09/12)
Just in case you have a specific question that may already have been answered; here's a bunch of useful FAQ ...

Q. When was C64endings first established?
The Webmaster, Vinny Mainolfi, has been completing C64 games since 1984 and hasn't stopped since. Originally released under the guise of Hackersoft, the batch of game endings where sent to eager C64 followers on 5.25" disks. This became very successful and it was only a matter of time until the game endings appeared on a web site, which is exactly what happened back in 1997. The site rested for the period between 2002-2005, but came storming back due to popular demand!

Q. How many game endings do you currently have in your OFFLINE ARCHIVE that don't appear on the site?
Check the top left-hand side of the the HOME PAGE for an accurate update. The Offline Archive document is also linked to our search engine on the home page, so you can check for a specific game.

Q. How do you decide which game endings to use from your Offline Archive?
It depends on the mood I am in when going through the archive. There is no set formula. It could be that a C64 user contacts me and requested an ending to be added to the site. I either have it in the archive or I go and rip it straight from the game. Most of the time I look through what I have in the Offline Archive and chose something I want to add.

Q. Can you tell me what games you have in your offline archive?
Check the top left-hand side of the the HOME PAGE for an accurate list of games in the Offline Archive.

Q. I would like to send you some game endings; what file format would you like them in?
We use the CCS64 emulator to capture our game endings and screen shots, and so we would appreciate the endings in either PRG, C64, VSF (VICE), TAP, T64 or D64 format.

You can learn how to create a .PRG file via this helpful video we created: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx7NnloZrbM

Q. I have downloaded a game ending but I don't know how to view it ... HELP!
Ah ... yes ... that one again. Well, to start with, all the game endings are ZIPPED, so you will have to unzip them with something like WINZIP. Once unzipped, the file will appear as <<gameend>>.PRG. This is a file that can be used in conjunction with any C64 emulator (on your PC or MAC); or, if you are lucky enough to have an 1541 Ultimate 2 cartridge, SD2IEC, Chameleon, or a transfer cable, you can transfer this file straight to a REAL C64 and view it! Easy peasy.






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